Tailored Massage for Several Conditions

Massage therapy has been proven to offer various benefits that garner good health physically, mentally, and emotionally. In most cases, when one part of our life goes off balance, the other parts will also suffer. Massage therapy is an all-encompassing restorative solution to many of life’s stressors and the body’s tensions. 

Let our therapists find the best massage solutions for you so you can get back to doing the things you love in comfort.

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Who Massage Therapy Benefits 

Whether done as needed or proactively, massage therapy has various benefits that can stave off injury and stress, provide comfort and relaxation, and nurture a healthy relationship between body and mind. 


Our solutions can be of benefit to many different kinds of people with many different kinds of aches:

  • High school and professional athletes
  • Weekend warriors 
  • Sedentary people
  • Gamers and consistent device users
  • Those with poor posture
  • Those with physically demanding jobs
  • Those who work on their feet
  • Weightlifters and gym-goers
  • Those involved in an accident
  • Those experiencing high stress 
  • Those who work at computers
  • Those who experience pain and muscle tightness
  • And more


No matter where you are in life, the stress related to it is relative. Don’t believe that you don’t deserve to live in comfort. Our mobile massage solutions are intended for people just like you! 

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Common Conditions Massage Therapy Helps

Customized massages that meet your needs can invite a safe, reliable resolution to aches, pains, and everyday stress. At Hands 2 You, we provide thoughtful massage therapy sessions to those experiencing any number of conditions.  

Some of our clients include:

  • Back pain clients– we will knead and rub the impacted soft tissues of the back, promoting circulation and helping to deliver blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the muscles to relieve back pain
  • Neck pain clients– neck pain and stiffness can restrict movement making simple motion difficult; deep tissue neck massage can restore range of motion quickly and effectively
  • Foot pain clients– massage can take pressure off affected areas of the foot that are impacting movement or causing discomfort
  • Prenatal clients– pregnancy massage can not only reduce stress and anxiety but also provide comfort, relaxation, and better circulation
  • Headache clients– our massage therapists can ease muscle tension, relieve muscle spasms, and relax tension found in the soft tissues of the head, shoulders, and neck that contribute to headaches 
  • And more


Our luxury mobile massage team comes to you wherever you are, and we help manage your stress and pain wherever it is in the body. Don’t suffer another day; get the relaxation your body, mind, and spirit yearn for. 

Massage Therapy That’s Made for You

Finding safe, organic care for your stress and aches is at your fingertips. At Hands 2 You, our professionals are skilled at determining a successful healing process for every client. We want to simplify your life by reducing outside pressures, fatigue, and discomfort in the most convenient way possible. 

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